Sego Lily’s 2018 Video

Sego Lily has had a great year and we would like to share it with you! Here’s the video: click here

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There’s a black background with white fonts that says “Sego Lily’s News 2018”.
Stephanie Mathis is standing by the Christmas tree with a silver pine tree shaped wreath hanging on the door. The background has a tan painted wall. Stephanie is wearing a green velvet sweater with her red, green and gold necklace. Her gray, dark and light brown colored hair is curly and short.

Stephanie: Hello friends of Sego Lily!
Sego Lily wants to thank you for the wonderful year of 2018! We would like to reflect on the past year’s events.

There’s a black screen with white fonts that says “Southern Utah News”.
Erin Kelly Watkins is standing by Christmas tree with a silver pine tree shaped wreath hanging on the door. The background has a tan painted wall. She’s wearing a white camisole underneath a purple shirt with a navy blue cardigan. Her hair is blond, mid-short (to her shoulders) and straight.

Erin: 2018 has been a great year!
We have done a lot…
From the St. George front, we started the year with the Sweetheart Challenge event in February.
That was the eighth year of doing this.
We plan to keep the tradition of having it every year.
It was a great and fun turnout.
Including socializing and educational games – it was fun! 

From January to June, I’ve been providing trainings to the shelters all over Southern Utah.
We’ve completed all the trainings. 

St. George also joined the SLC Clothesline Project!
We did it through a conference call with the Salt Lake group.
It was awesome to see them and see that our group were not alone in this project.
They made great shirts! Thank you, St. George Deaf community for your participation.
Then September, I moved to Salt Lake City.
St. George Sego Lily’s office is closed.
But our services in St. George are STILL open!
If you need help or support, please feel free to contact me.
We are happy to help and provide services.
We still support you and won’t forget you.
Since I moved here, that means the position for Southern Utah Victim Advocate is open!
We do need someone to apply for this job.
Please contact me if you want to apply for that job!

We shared big news that our hotline services was turned over to the National Deaf Domestic Violence hotline services.
They have been working closely with us.
If you worry about disconnecting from us, I assure you that National Deaf Domestic Violence
will contact us right away to help you.
If you want to contact us directly, you can email us at
You are welcome to contact us anytime!

There’s a black screen with white fonts that says “Northern Rural Utah News”.
Sari is standing by the Christmas tree with a silver pine tree shaped wreath hanging on the door. The background has a tan painted wall. She is wearing a green blouse with 2/3 sleeves. She is wearing her dark brown glasses and her headband is holding her dreadlocks brown-colored hair. She has a small ying and yang tattoo on her left hand above her thumb.

Sari: I will share with you what I’ve done this past year.
I set up the Clothesline Project.
Their stories were inspirational (I got goose-bumps)!
We have some t-shirts left over and you are welcome to come get them!
Please contact us or if you have a t-shirt you haven’t used, feel free to do it at home.
That’s fine with me. Please bring them to our office when you’re done.
I work at 3 different offices, they are:
Brigham City, Logan and Orem.
First, my hours at the New Hope Crisis Center Shelter are:
9 am to 1 pm.
Then I travel to Logan to USU.
I will be there on the second Monday each month for walk-ins.
Then, on the Third Thursday each month, I will be at Utah Valley University from 9 am to 4 pm.
My contact information remains the same!
If you want to meet me at one of these three locations, feel free to contact me.
I enjoyed providing workshops to the KBS post high school students.
They are funny kids and I love them!
They’ve learned a lot. I want to see them prepared to go out in the world.
We were fortunate to be able to educate them.
I want to say many thanks to those who did the Sub for Santa for our families!
If you know anyone who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing in rural areas of Utah, that might need our help, please let us know anytime.

There’s a black screen with white font that says “Family Justice Center News”.
Juliette is standing by the Christmas tree with a silver pine tree shaped wreath hanging on the door. The background has a tan painted wall. Her light red hair is short (to her shoulders) and with a plastic headband. She is wearing a purple shirt with a pink cardigan and reddish brown glasses.

Juliette: I want to tell you what I have done this year.
Sego Lily had a booth at the Pride festival in June.
Many people came interested in learning about our services.

Sari and I also worked together on the Clothesline Project.
People came and created artwork on their shirts,
related to their experiences or how to support domestic violence victims.

Since Sego Lily moved to the new office, I moved to the Family Justice Center (FJC).
I work there full time.
There are many partnering agencies co-located there such as:
Food Stamps, Housing Authority, the Police, and SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurse.
Those who experience sexual abuse, they come in to have a more private examination.
This is to make sure everything goes smoothly.
There are attorneys there as well.
These partners work collaborate with each other.
It is really nice to work with all of those agencies.
When Deaf clients come to FJC, there’s a door bell with the intercom.
There’s a Deaf friendly feature where they have a light that will flash to let you know that the door is unlocked for you to go in.
When you show up, all you need to do is to ring the bell. Then look at the camera and wave pointing to your ears.
The person will see you and flash the light to let you in.
Then you can go upstairs and see me!
I’m excited for the new upcoming year.

There’s a black screen with white fonts that says “Recognizing partners and sponsors!”
The view is only on Stephanie.
Stephanie: We want to recognize RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf), for their donation of $1500 in February. We are grateful to them!
We also want to recognize Sorenson Communications.
They collected donations at one of their interpreter trainings in June and donated to us in July.

Sorenson Communication did not only donate once, but several times this year!
They have been great sponsors throughout the year!
For example, their support of our annual Gala, the National Domestic Violence conference specifically for the Deaf Blind interpreters, Sorenson’s Halloween event, and this Holiday season, they Subbed for Santa for our client. We are so thankful for Sorenson Communications!

We also want to recognize the Deaf Center for sharing resources and referrals.
We also use their facilities for our events. We really appreciate their support.

We want to recognize USDB, Utah Schools for the Deaf & Blind for providing support as well!
We were able to provide support groups for their students.
We also provided workshops as well. Wonderful partnership!

We thank UAD, Utah Association of the Deaf for their wonderful collaboration.
We attended their monthly meetings and they often ask how they can support us.
They are wonderful people to work with!

We recognize UTRID, Utah of Registry Interpreters for the Deaf, for their support.
They allowed us to provide interpreter workshops at their Mini or Annual conferences.
They are awesome! They also sponsored our Gala!

We also want to recognize interpreters agencies who supported us as well.
ASL Communications, who is one of our biggest sponsors!
5 Star Interpreting
Interwest Interpreting
Network Interpreting Services
Kajaka Interpreting Services.
They all are great sponsors who provided support!
We want to thank all Gala sponsors this year!
Thank you for making this event successful.
We raised $19,000.
Thank you! We couldn’t do it without you!

We also want to recognize SLCC, Salt Lake Community College and their ASL Club.
They hosts fundraisers every year and always donate to us.
Thank you SLCC ASL Club!
They had one recently, we don’t know how much they raised yet. Thank you for supporting Sego Lily!

We also appreciate the different ways you have supported us.
Such as watching our Facebook Live series since September.
Thank you!

We got your money from when you shopped on Amazon Smile.
Thank you!

Utah State Employee Charitable Fund Campaign, this program is for people who work for the state who want to donate directly from their paychecks.
Thank you!

We get your monthly PayPal donations as well.
Thank you!

2018 has been a wonderful year.
We are looking forward to the new year of 2019.
We have many possibilities for more success and growth.
We wish you Happy Holidays and New Year!
We love you!

The view is only on Sari.

Sari: Thank you!

Then the view is only on Erin.

Erin: We thank you for your amazing support for Sego Lily!
It has been a great year! Thank you!

Sego Lily Center for the Abused Deaf logo was shown here. The logo is a square with black signature of “Sego Lily” then black block letters saying “Center for the Abused Deaf” with one black line above and one black line below the block letters. Above the wording,  there is an orange heart with a white hand inside the shape of the heart. Next to the heart is a orange silhouette of a person with 3 lines of orange straight hair curving down

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